A reliable EMS partner for demanding customers

Who we are?

We provide complete solutions to our customers by employing all processes ranging from product development, prototyping, manufacturing implementation, material supply, serial production, testing, box building, and logistics. We have two main divisions: Electronics assembly and Plastics injection molding.

What we do?
Electrical wiring

AQ is a complete partner for electrical systems. Our equipment is聽used in a聽number of applications that have been supplied all… Read More

Electronics Assembly
Electronics Assembly

AQ Group is a global manufacturer of components and systems for industrial customers with high demands. The business is organized… Read More

Injection molding

AQ Plastronic offers injection molding capabilities with clamping force in the range of 35 梅 800 tons. Our production area… Read More

How can we help?
Miroslav Mladenov

/Plant Manager/
Phone: +359 879 968 631
Email: miroslav.mladenov@aqg.se

Peter Fartsov

/Sales Manager - Electronics/
Phone: +359 887 076 610
Email: peter.fartsov@aqg.se

Vasil Voychev

/Sales Manager - Plastics and Assembly/
Phone: +359 879 900 076
Email: vasil.voychev@aqg.se