AQ is a complete partner for electrical systems. Our equipment is聽used in a聽number of applications that have been supplied all over the world.

Some examples are electric cabinets adapted to the stringent demands of the food industry, advanced automatic teller machines, control and power equipment for聽ship cranes, control equipment for automated handling of goods in harbours, control systems for large motors and generators.

Long-term cooperation with our customers has enabled us to develop products that are adapted to the requirements of today concerning safety and information technology. The work of all units is carried out according to ISO 9000, but we can also deliver equipment that is quality assured according to UL.

Our way of working is very flexible and focused on the customer. We are organized in customer teams where聽the distance from management to work-force is very short, and we carry all responsibility towards the customer. This means that we can聽take on assignments聽with short lead time and聽high demands on flexibility and delivery assurance.